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Since 2001, under the chairmanship of Gérard Lebègue, the BIPAR Agents' Standing Committee has been organising European meetings of national agents' organisations.  The aim of these meetings is to bring together the national organisations of agents from the same company and of different countries in order to study the policies of the company with regard to their agents in different European markets.


Further to the success of these meetings and at the participants’ request, it was unanimously decided at the BIPAR AGM in Rome 2004 to help these national organisations of agents to set up their respective European associations.  The European Association of national organisations of AXA agents was established in Brussels on 29 June 2006.  The European Association of national organisations of agents of the Allianz group was set up in Brussels on 17 April 2008.


Since June 2011, the Italian agent Jean-François Mossino has taken over the chairmanship of the BIPAR Agents' Standing Committee.  One of the objectives of his chairmanship is to further develop European Associations of Agents.